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The importance of a good calculation in the design and execution of velarias and tense structures

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Undoubtedly one of the most important activities in the chain of processes that involves the development of a cover is the structural calculation, in which all the details for the proper manufacture and installation of the velar are defined and conceptualized. Each firm has its own design criteria and that is where each company puts its signature. Having the necessary engineering equipment, the software technology and the knowledge of the professionals give the result of an innovative, safe, aesthetic and adequate velaría to fulfill the characteristics of functionality that the client needs in a comfortable and safe space. Depending on the client and the type of climate of the region where the project is located, the characteristics of the materials and finishes differ, having as a limit of possibilities the imagination of our engineers, all based on an active design philosophy of structures ( those structures in which the form adapts to the conditions of the environment to result in optimal solutions). Within the material selection process factors such as wind speed of the region, seismic coefficient, local pluviometric index, relative humidity, ambient temperature and sun analysis are considered. As a result we obtain the specification of membrane type, fittings, structure type and paint finishes from alkyd to epoxy with polyurethane.

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